Golden Gate Bridge Software Research Institute

About SR Institute

Software Research Institute (SR/Institute) is a not-for-profit unit of Software Research, Inc. It is dedicated to serving the software quality technology community through its events and activities.

Details About SR/Institute

International Software
Quality Week TM Conferences

SR/Institute is widely known for its annual International Software Quality Week Conferences. Held in May in San Francisco and in November in Brussels, the Quality Week conferences focus on current software quality and testing technology issues and bring together industrial research, applied technology, and advanced R&D in a unique conference environment.

Software Quality HotList TM

The SR/Institute Software Quality Hotlist TM gives WWW access to over 600 institutions, government and non-government, and other quality related organizations.

Software QualitySource TM

SR/Institute researchers track technology for software quality and we maintain a current QualitySource list of textbooks and reference material that includes over 300 items.