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         +=======    Quality Techniques Newsletter    =======+
         +=======           December 2005             =======+

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                       Contents of This Issue

   o  QTN Final Issue Annuoncement, by Edward Miller

   o  WQN Item Description


                    QTN Final Issue Announcement

Beginning in January 2006 the news and events role of the Quality
Techniques Newsletter (QTN) will be merged with the new Web Quality
News (WQN), which is being published online as a journal/blog.

We're making this change to reflect modern approaches to
dissemination of information in a timely and convenient way.

The new WQN journal/blog will focus on every aspect of Web Quality,
and will include information on:

    * Technical events of all kinds that relate to web quality
    * Descriptions and "mini-reviews" of recent literature.
    * Pointers to material of interest to those whose concern
      focuses on web quality issues.
    * Material on applications of eValid technology to contemporary
      web quality issues.
    * Now and then we hope to include essays by technologists and
      practitioners about their experience with web quality issues.

Subscribers to QTN are urged to bookmark this URL:

From now on we will send QTN subscribers an update once or twice each
month of what you'll see in the WQN blog.  If this material isn't of
interest we'll be pleased to delete you from the mailing list.  A
"remove message" for this purpose is always included in our

We offer our thanks to the contributors and faithful subscribers to
QTN -- and before that to TTN.

--Edward Miller, QTN Editor


               Web Quality News: Updates and Activity
Web Quality News brings you information and pointers about technology 
and application issues concerning all types of web application quality 
and performance.

For those concerned with professional status it may be important to
read James Bach's extended essay "Against Certification":

Have you heard about "AJAX" development modes?  Are you wondering
what it's all about and what AJAX means for web applications
development?  See the references here:

Interested in Dr. Boris Beizer's books on software testing?  You've
heard about them, but you can't find a copy?  The good news is that
they're not out of print at all!

eValid's use in performing "last mile" transaction monitoring shows
through clearly in this eValid success story:

The 4th International Conference on Trust Management aims to bolster
trust in IT systems. As we all know "trust" is an elusive but
certainly essential component of a reliable, safe, application:

There is a Workshop on System Testing and Validation set for March
2006 in Potsdam (near Berlin).  Full details at:

An example of eValid in field use was to measure download times
"below the fold" during search engine processing.  This project
provide these timings from a field-implemented process, described

Every other year you'll find an instance of the well-revered ISSTA
workshop.  This year set for July in Portland, Maine, USA:

eValid monitoring operations are now available direct in a new
managed monitoring service that applies eValid technology to a very
broad range of monitoring types.  For details of how eValid
monitoring can help you please see:

And, to round out a set of recommended professional activities,
don't forget that the annual ICSE -- this year is the 27th instance!
-- is scheduled for 20-28 May in Shanghai:

Finally, you may find our comments about John Battelle's latest book
on Google valuable:


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