QW2001 Paper 2A2

Mr. Klaus Olsen

Using The W Model To Institutionalize Inspections, And Improve Knowledge Transfers

Key Points

Presentation Abstract

This paper introduces the W-model as a development model. The W-model makes inspection and review activities visible during the development lifecycle. In the W-model test planning starts as early as possible, and through the different types of review meetings knowledge transfer between analysis, programmers and testers are build in as an integrated part of the development process. All the knowledge collected during work with business representative analysing the requirement is often hard to transfer to the group of people programming and testing the application. The W-model suggests a work method that solves this problem.

About the Author

Klaus Olsen has created his own company in April 2000 “Softwaretest.dk” in order to focus entirely on software testing, and process improvement through the testing perspective of developing software. Klaus Olsen has worked with developing software for 15 years, during 12 of these years Klaus worked as a consultant in Cap Gemini. Klaus has specialised in software testing since 1993 and he was until he created his own company responsible for introducing new employees to Cap Gemini in the Nordic area (Europe) to “Working Methods Test”, as Cap Gemini were using it. Klaus has also been involved in improving Cap Gemini best practice in Software Testing, this is documented in the company’s PERFORM Testing Guide, available to all of the companies more than 55.000 employees. Klaus is member of two Danish special interest groups in software testing, as well as he is a member of Swedish Association of Software Testers, SAST.