QW2001 Paper 2M1

Mr. Scott Jefferies
(Technology Builders, Inc.)

A Requirements-Based Approach To Delivering E-Business And Enterprise Applications

Key Points

Presentation Abstract

This presentation will demonstrate to attendees how a requirements-based approach to delivering E-business and enterprise applications will minimize application failure, avoid revenue loss and maintain loyal customers. And with a proven process in place, organizations can make an even bigger impact on the development cycle, shortening the development timeframe, decreasing costs and significantly improving application quality.

This presentation describes an integrated requirements-based approach that enables project teams to:
* Gather and define requirements
* Analyze the requirements to eliminate ambiguities, conflicts and other errors
* Manage requirements and their evolution throughout the development cycle
* Define test completion criteria
* Design and build test cases based upon requirements
* Review test cases with stakeholders
* Execute tests and verify results
* Verify test coverage
* Track defects and
* Manage the test repository

Attendees will gain an understanding of How To:
* Fully document requirements to know exactly what the end users need
* Resolve ambiguities, conflicts and other errors so to ensure the right
requirements are met
* Define the test completion criteria to guarantee that the application is ready for release
* Design, build and execute the minimum number of test cases required to fully test the application
* Track defects to determine where and why errors occurred, allowing to reduce the probability of future errors
* Manage test libraries to provide a set of reliable, repeatable tests

About the Author

Scott Jefferies is a TBI Technology Engineering Manager with over 25 years’ experience in providing business and information management solutions to Fortune 1000 companies. Scott is experienced in the installation and implementation of automated software quality (ASQ) tools on a variety of platforms.

Since joining TBI, Scott has been responsible for implementation of both requirements management and automated testing tools, with a focus on the integration of those tools. Scott was also a key player in establishing TBI’s requirements-based approach to delivering e-business and enterprise applications, which includes requirements management, test case design, test and defect management, and automated testing.