QW2001 Paper 2T1

Mr. Tobias Mayer, Mr. Thomas Stocking
(eValid, Inc., siteROCK)

The Web Site Testing Challenge

Presentation Overview

Web sites are becoming increasingly more complex due to:
1. The inclusion of (e.g.) Flash objects, Java Applets, XML, Javascript.
2. The increased use of Multiple Windows, Secure Log-Ins, Message Pop-ups and Web-launched applications.
Testing these sites requires tools that can intuitively and accurately adapt to such complexity.

The first part of this talk will address many of the difficulties in testing a modern web site from the perspective of a professional web site quality tester. The second part will discuss the 'Browser-centric' test tool as a solution to some of these difficulties.

The main focus will be on the qualities that a test tool needs to meet the myriad of requirements that the web site tester is faced with.

About the Authors

Tobias Mayer is a senior software engineer at Software Research, Inc. He is reponsible for the main design and implementation of the "eValid" Web Test engine. Tobias has a (UK) BSc from South Bank University, London. He is a member of, and OO Metrics consultant to, the Center for Systems & Software Engineering (CSSE) at South Bank University. Tobias has presented and published a number of papers on OO metrics, including papers at IEEE 'TOOLS' 1999 and British Computer Society 'SQM' 1999. During 2000, Tobias presented a number of seminars on Website Testing strategies in the UK. He also presented the "Quickstart - Website Testing" seminar at the 'Quality Week 2000' conference in San Francisco, June 2000.

Thomas Stocking is a systems engineer for SiteROCK Corporation. In this position he is responsible for the implementation of monitoring systems for siteROCK’s enterprise customers. He has had the privilege of working with some of Silicon Valley’s best and brightest in this role over the past two years. Thomas has over 10 years experience as a systems integration consultant, and has worked on various IT implementation teams. He has a degree in Applied Mathematics from the University of California, and is a native of the San Francisco Bay Area.