QW2001 Paper 2W2

Mr. Todd Hsueh

Innovative Web Test Process & Control Tool

Key Points

Presentation Abstract

The "Innovative Web Test Process & Control" is a three-fold process evolved through our Web development and testing projects in the Centers for IBM e-business Innovation : : Los Angeles. This process control mechanism is currently supported by a Lotus Notes "Web Test and Incident Tracking" Database and has been submitted to the IBM Intellectual Property Review Board for invention patent and/or disclosure. The three sub processes are:

By enforcing the "UIT Checklist" process, the Creative Team (Art Director, Content Strategist, Information Designer) and the Development Team (Solution Designer, HTML/JAVA/JSP Programmers) verify their work products against requirements and design and ensure that Unit/Integration Test is properly done before System Test starts.

By enforcing the "Code Release Authorization Using Pre-test" process, the Development Team and the Test Team coordinate and synchronize their work. The new code release is delivered to the System Test environment when the Test Team is ready to receive it. The "Pre-test" ensures that the new code release is properly built with quality and truly ready for System Test.

By "Incident Tracking", all project staff has a common repository for all issues, issue status, assignments, and resolution. An issue can range from a proposal planning action item to a System Testing problem. By different groupings (Lotus Notes database views), various statistics and management status reports are instantly available.

About the Author

Todd Hsueh is a Senior Information Technology (IT) Specialist in IBM Global Services organization with 23 years of data processing experience. Since 1978, Todd has worked for various companies as a programmer, Lead System Analyst, and Project Manager. His industry experience includes manufacturing, health, DP consulting, finance, insurance, travel, media and auto business. Todd is specialized in quality assurance and managing testing process of all types of applications ranging from mainframe, client/server, to Web applications. On most projects in the last ten years, Todd worked as the Testing Lead or QA Manager and has completed all projects successfully. Todd has designed and developed several Lotus Notes/Domino applications that facilitate quality assurance process and configuration management. Todd is currently the Testing Manager for the Centers for IBM e-business Innovation : : LOS ANGELES (Center).