QW2001 Paper 3A2

Mr. Roger M. Records
(Boeing Commercial Airplane Group)

Assuring Quality In Outsourced Software

Key Points

Presentation Abstract

This paper shows how to mange the quality of subcontracted (out-sourced) software through the use of high-leverage quality reviews. The reviews address key process and product issues across the entire subcontracting life cycle (from RFP preparation to product acceptance). The context for the review discussion is our Subcontract Process Model which is compliant with SEI/CMM Level 2. The supporting SQA process and product reviews can be tailored for project/contract size to assure quality built-in for the subcontracted deliverables. The model provides the foundation to describe a proven strategy for validating the achievement of project objectives, while avoiding cost and schedule overruns.

About the Author

Roger M. Records is an Associate Technical Fellow with Boeing Commercial Airplanes. He is currently working with a Software Quality Assurance group with responsibilities in SQA courseware design and SQA technology transfer. He also works as a project manager in Airplane Safety Engineering with responsibility for offshore subcontracting. From his experience with five subcontracted projects, he has established and validated a QA solution for the subcontracting lifecycle and is currently training other project managers in its use. Prior to his work in Software Quality Assurance, Mr. Records supported contract work in the human factors domain for NASA and the FAA with Boeing's Flight Deck Research group. He is a co-inventor for a U.S. patent held by Boeing for electronic checklist software. He has authored or co-authored 11 technical papers for national publication and conference presentations.