QW2001 Paper 3W2

Mr. Steve Splaine
(Splaine & Associates )

Modeling The Real World For Load Testing Web Sites

Key Points

Presentation Abstract

Requesting your Web site's home page 100 times per minute is not going to give you a very accurate idea of how your Web site is actually going to perform in the real world. Explore the variables that you should consider when designing a Web load or stress test, including user activities, security, user access speeds, and geographic locations.

About the Author

Steve Splaine is a chartered software engineer with over 20 years experience in developing software systems: Web/Internet, Client/Server, Mainframe, and PCs. He is an experienced project manager, tester, developer, and presenter, who has consulted with over 100 companies in North America and Europe. In addition, Steven is the lead author of the recently published software-testing book "The Web Testing Handbook".