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Mr. Greg Clower
(SDT Corporation)

Establishing a Wireless Telecommunication Test Automation System

Presentation Abstract

Building an environment to successfully test intelligent network peripherals presents an array of complex problems to resolve. The target environment integrates various SS7 protocols, a proprietary protocol, and voice recognition subsystem -- and requires a controlled and synchronized test environment. Learn how a test automation approach allows the software engineer control over the peripheral interfaces and provides for the testing of the entire call flow sequence, its initiation and consequential message traffic. Discover how this approach provides for function testing as well as scalability for automated performance, load and stress testing.

About the Author

Greg Clower is Lead Automation Engineer for Software Development Technologies and has over 15 years of experience in software quality and test. Before joining SDT, Greg was a Sr. Design Engineer at Lucent Technologies in charge of Telecommunications protocol integration test tools.

Greg has a B.A. degree from Indiana University and has taken core courses in Math, Computer Science and Unix Programming at San Jose State University and University of California, Santa Cruz.