QW2001 Paper 4W2

Mr. Hal Miller
(RadView Software)

Best Practices in Web Performance Testing

Key Points

Presentation Abstract

For a business based on the Web, there is no substitute for the "e-assurance," or confidence in their Web site's performance and scalability achieved through a rapid developing, testing and deploying cycle. It must discover and resolve any problems or issues as early as possible and at each point in the development cycle to stay competitive. Its testing solutions must, therefore, be not only available to the development workgroup as a whole throughout the lifecycle but also be reliable enough to accurately and efficiently prepare for the 85 million users expected to be buying online in 2003 (according to Jupiter Communications). Having a combination of Internet speed, or "e-acceleration," and "e-assurance," or confidence in Web performance is fundamental. The best solutions to expedite e-business success combine comprehensive verification of the performance, scalability and integrity of their Web systems into a single, standard process that the entire team can access.

About the Author

Hal Miller is currently a Sr. Account Manager for RadView Software and is responsible for sales and business development opportunities for the award-winning load-testing software, WebLoad. Hal has over 15 years experience in software sales, business development and product marketing and has worked in several start-up software companies including Pure/Performix Software (acquired by Rational). He has also worked as a project management consultant to companies such as Pacific Bell.