QW2001 Paper 6M1

Mr. Geert Pinxten

The Extended Product Quality Model: Dynamic Focussing On Those Quality

Key Points

Presentation Abstract

Software development today is characterised by a lot of innovation: business innovates, technology innovates. As innovation, by its definition always concerns novelty, inexperience and immaturity, assuring quality has never been so difficult. This presentation will present a framework based on the Product Quality Model of J. Rothmann [1] that could be applied by those that need to insure the quality of all these new technology software products and e-commerce solutions. This framework will bring quality assurance in ICT to a new level of professionalism and will also solve the problem of speed, time-to-market or product dynamics. The solution will put a dynamic focus on those quality attributes that really matter.

About the Author

Geert Pinxten is Managing Partner of I2B. He is in consulting business since 1995. His experiences are mainly located in 2 areas: ERP (SAP) and structured testing. As a certified SAP technical consultant Geert Pinxten was involved in the implementation of SAP systems in several large organisations.

As a Test Consultant for a Belgian consultancy company, Geert Pinxten has been involved in several types of activities. He has been performing Test Assessments in large organisations active in the world of telecommunication, micro-electronics and business software development. During these audits he refined the auditing method used. Geert Pinxten was involved in setting up test organisations and was as a project leader responsible for numerous test projects.

As a Development Co-ordinator Geert Pinxten was responsible for the continuous improvement of the test expert knowledge at his previous employer. These activities ranged from developing new test training packages till the improvement of the test method and its implementation. Geert Pinxten holds a degree of Industrial Engineer, with a specialisation in Electronics and Information Technology.