QW2001 Paper 8M2

Mr. Kamesh Pemmaraju
(Cigital, Inc.)

Software Risk Management

Key Points

Presentation Abstract

It is hard to imagine a company today who doesn't use a piece of software in day-to-day operations. But what happens if that piece of software that is found in a car's braking system fails due to a faulty line of code? What happens if a line of code is faulty in an oil refinery and production is delayed a day? Software risks can harm a company's reputation and revenue. Today's business leaders need to realize the full effect software risks can have and how they can be prevented.

About the Author

Mr. Pemmaraju has over twelve years of hands-on experience in all aspects of software development: design, development, and testing of mission/business critical software. He currently works with Cigital (formerly known as Reliable Software Technologies), the leading authority and industry visionary on Software Risk Management (SRM).