QW2001 Paper 9A2

Mr. Hung Q. Nguyen
(LogiGear Technology )

The Design and Implementation of a Flexible, Reusable and Maintainable Automation Framework

Key Points

Presentation Abstract

This presentation discusses a case study of how to create an automation framework designed to be a product-independent automated testing solution. "Product-independent" means that the automation solution can be easily adapted to do various tasks and accommodate changes to the application under test (AUT) without having to redo the framework. It tells the story of how one of the test automation teams at LogiGear went about the process of requirements analysis, research, designing, prototyping and implementation. This session offers a results analysis as a measurement of success. This is an experience-based technical study that can help you prepare for your next automation endeavor.

About the Author

Hung Q. Nguyen is president and CEO of LogiGear Corporation, a Silicon Valley software testing company whose mission is to help software development >organizations deliver the highest quality products possible while juggling >limited resources and schedule constraints. LogiGear offers many value-added services including >application testing, automated testing and web load/performance testing for e-business and >consumer applications. Nguyen’s company produces and markets TRACKGEAR™, a web-based defect >tracking system. LogiGear also specializes in Web application, hand-held communication device and consumer electronic product testing, and offers the software development community a >comprehensive “Practical Software Testing Training Series. ” In the past two decades, Nguyen has held leadership roles in business development, engineering, quality assurance, testing, product development, and information technology. Nguyen is the author of Testing Applications on ! the Web (Wiley) and co-author of the best-selling book, Testing Computer Software (Wiley). He also develops and teaches software testing courses for UC Berkeley and UC Santa Cruz Extension, and for LogiGear. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Quality Assurance from Cogswell Polytechnical College, and is an ASQ-Certified Quality Engineer and active senior.