QW2001 Paper 9W2

Mr. Alexey Kerov
(Amphora Quality Technologies)

Iterative Approach as Basis For Effective Testing

Key Points

Presentation Abstract

The advance of Internet economy requires employment of more economical and at the same time more effective software quality assurance methods. Typical WEB application, portal, e-shop require 100% reliability of server functioning 24 hours 7 days a week and the developer is obliged to react immediately to market demand, to modernize site at a high pace, risking to disturb the application functioning, to introduce a new security hole or to make the performance unacceptable for the end user.

The iterative approach to the software development and in particular to testing gives the opportunity to reduce the risk of arising such problems. In terms of time shortage and lack of human resources iterative approach allows dividing of whole process to several parallel tasks, to manage the development effectively and accurately, to detect program defects and design failures on time as a result increasing the product quality and reducing production costs.

At the present time many companies are just starting the trial use of iterative methodologies that is why it is very important to realize the fact that besides advantages such an approach has also a series of problems that have to be studied necessarily. In general the questions of qualitative personnel management and of development process control have a decisive role in the implementation and employment of the described approach. The question of particular interest is interoperability between an organization which uses the iterative approach and a subcontractor that means companies performing outsourcing, for example in the field of testing. There is no doubt that the experience of Amphora Quality Technologies in the area of implementation and employment of iterative testing will be very useful for all the companies which are engaged in optimization of functioning of its testing and quality assurance departments.

About the Author

Alexey Kerov is a Marketing director of Amphora Quality Technologies, the very first Russian private company that has become leading Russian SQA services provider since last year. Within 10 years he made career from a finance programmer to Top Management positions at line of the leading Russian Software Development Companies. On the one hand, Alexey has profound IT experience and is well conversant with the problems of this branch. On the other hand, in order to provide professional solutions to business tasks, he received a good education on management and led the promotion of the services of the first-string Russian development companies in international market.

Few years ago Alexey faced the problem of quality and felt an interest in tasks of organizing of the software engineering process and Quality Assurance methods. Although he was working intensely at marketing, Alexey managed to become familiar with several cutting-edge QA methodologies and tools and started his work on problems of QA industry. He has a number of publications devoted to software development process. Perceptions of necessity of profound approach to testing and quality assurance led him to the joining the AQT Company.

Alexey’s high weight among software development community has allowed him to make AQT known as a reliable partner not only in Russia but also in the USA, UK and Europe.