QW2000 Keynote 10P1

Mr. Marcelo Dalceggio
(Banco Rio de la Plata SA)

Automated Software Inspection Process

QWE'99 Best Presentation Award


Presentation Abstract

Due to the huge effort that inspection process demands, we developed an automated inspection process based on our experience with Y2K code control in order to increase the efficiency of the inspection process.

Our systems have more than 10 million LOC and we produce/modify 900 programs per month and these programs have to be compliant with more than 150 rules established with different standards. It's almost impossible to inspect manually that volume of code and to pay attention to the rules during inspection.

Our inspection process has four basic steps: selection of the inspection candidates, identification of the attributes of each component, inspection execution and reporting, defect removal tracking and verification.

We built a compliance policy and rules database based on different sources: code standards, failure tracking lessons learned, technical books suggestions, prohibited commands, software reuse and we developed a system that reviews source code and matches rules with statements producing an inspection report.

About the Author

Marcelo R. Dalceggio is currently chief of the Quality Assurance Department at Banco Río de la Plata S.A. in Argentina. In this capacity, he is responsible for the development and implementation of defect prevention, improvement opportunities and quality assurance activities. Prior to this position he was the chief of the Development Department at DAZ Consulting and was responsible for software development.

He received his undergraduate degree from the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional and his postgraduate degree from the Universidad CAECE in Argentina. He has been working at Universidad Tecnológica Nacional since 1991 as a Professor of Software Engineering Fundamentals.

Contact: mdalceggio@intranet.bancorio.com.ar