QW2000 Keynote 10P2

Mr. Sanjay Jejurikar
Director of Test for Windows 2000

The Engineering Process of Windows 2000


Presentation Abstract

This talk will give an overview on the engineering process used by Microsoft to develop and test Windows2000 product with a specific focus on the QA process. It will give a glimpse into the daily QA activity taking place in the teams while working on a project like Windows2000, and provide high level information on the way testing and deployment effort was staged.

About the Author

As a Director in the Windows Division, Sanjay is responsible for overseeing the building, testing and quality assurance of the Windows 2000 family of products.

Sanjay joined Microsoft in July 1989 as a software design engineer in the Windows NT test team and is part of this group since then in a variety of roles. His most recent role is managing the groups responsible for build, QA/OS testing , business applications integration testing , and logo testing for Windows NT products as a Director of Test.

Prior to joining Microsoft, Sanjay was a post graduate student in Computer Engineering at Syracuse University, New York. He holds a Masters degree in Computer Engineering from Syracuse University and a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree from VJTI, Mumbai, India.