QW2000 Keynote 1P2

Bill Gilmore
(Intel Corporation)

The Intel Software Corporate Quality Network


Presentation Abstract

Intel is a leading supplier of computer and internet building blocks, and has developed a powerful Corporate Quality Network (CQN) to drive improvement and quality throughout the organization. Software engineering is playing an increasingly important role in Intel's efforts, and in the last few years a software wing within CQN has been established and grown to drive software quality.

Software Quality Engineers from the Software CQN are distributed throughout the company on assignment to various divisions to establish, introduce, and nurture the adoption of "Best Known Methods". This presentation overviews the structure of this effort, and reviews the strategies, successes, and challenges of the program.

About the Author

Dr. Bill Gilmore is a senior Software Quality Process Engineer in the Corporate Quality Network at Intel, and is responsible for establishing quality processes and improving product quality in Intel business divisions. He is currently assigned to the Microprocessor Group, and has worked with the motherboards and BIOS division, and systems management divisions at Intel. This work has included CMM assessments, Product Life Cycle methodologies, and metrics and other software methods.

Prior to working at Intel, Dr. Gilmore was leader and manager for Software Process Improvement at Tektronix, Inc. He used a SEI Self-Assessment, improvement projects, Software Engineering Councils, and post-project reviews, to markedly increase awareness, priority, and participation in software process improvement.

Dr. Gilmore has a Ph.D. in Astronomy, a B.S. in Engineering Physics, and did graduate study in Organizational Development. He has published ~30 papers in Software Engineering, Strategic Planning, and Astronomy.