QW2K Paper 2A1

Mr. James Andrews
(The Open Group)

Automated Conformance Testing for IT & T Product Certification


Key Points

Presentation Abstract

This talk will outline the principles of conformance testing and the methods by which automated test suites may be develooped to assess the conforming of implementation of open standards.

The talk will further outline the various approaches to certificatio nof IT&T technology and how automated testing can be used as teh basis of product certification.

This will be illustrated with examples of real world experience in the product certification of the UNIX opearting system, the Wireless Application Protocol, and the network computer known as the Open Brand.

About the Author

Mr. Andrews is the Conformance Quality Manager of the Open Group. He was responsible for the definition of the Open Group's Test Suite development procedures and thereafter for the Operation of the Open Group's Open Brand program.

Mr. Andrews has 20 years experience in softawre quality assurance and 15 years experience iun IT&T software conformation testing and certification. He is a lead assessor for Natlas for the assessment of IT&T test laboratories.

Mr. Andrews lectured extensively on conformance testing and certification and has been translated into several European languages, Russian and Japanese.