QW2K Paper 2M1

Mr. Joel Fleiss

The ABCs of Managing a Software Testing Project


Key Points


This presentation discusses a methodology which changes test management from an art to a science.

There are numerous books and articles on project management and software testing, but none provide a step-by-step methodology to simplify the management task. If you judge a software testing project that is 50% over budget, significantly late, or does not fully meet the requirements as a failure, then very few technical projects (less than 20% according to the Standish Group) are a success.

Like any Project Manager, a Test Manager's job is to maximize the use of the allocated resources in achieving the client's goals. If you want to minimize the number of software testing projects in your organization which exceed their original budget, improve your on-time record, and assure that your products fulfill their requirements, then this presentation will provide you with a better understanding of what steps to take in order to improve your organization's testing success rate.

The following are some of the questions that will be answered in "The ABCs of Managing a Software Testing Project" presentation:

Author Bio...

Mr. Fleiss was the President of two software firms for over two decades. His initial firm, Proprietary Software Systems, Inc. provided software tools (compilers, assemblers, link editors, debuggers and real-time operating systems) to major defense contractors. His second firm, Quality Information Systems, Inc. developed and marketed a document management system for managing large document repositories. Mr. Fleiss was responsible for the product design and managed the implementation of both organization's products.

Mr. Fleiss graduated from the University of California at Los Angeles. After college he became a software engineer developing compilers, macro assemblers and operating systems. Recently he wrote a book on managing technical projects for a major financial institution. He is currently employed by VeriTest and supports their overall project management and marketing efforts.