QW2K Paper 2M2

Ms. Johanna Rothman
(Rothman Consulting Group)

The Influential Test Manager


Key Points

Presentation Abstract

Many of us have worked in test groups where we felt as if we didn't have enough time, hardware, or staff to do the work. Consequently, we feel that while somebody might be in control, we are certainly not. As test managers, we do not have to work this way. There are other, more effective ways to develop and use your influence within your organization to help your test group¨and project¨succeed.

About the Author

Johanna Rothman observes and consults on managing high technology product development. She works with her clients to find the leverage points that will increase their effectiveness as organizations and as managers, helping them ship the right product at the right time, and recruit and retain the best people. Johanna is the founder and principal of Rothman Consulting Group, Inc., and is ASQ certified as a Quality Auditor and Software Quality Engineer.