QW2K Paper 2W1

Mr. Ted Fuller

Notes From The Front Lines: How to Test Anything and Everything on a Web Site


Key Points

Presentation Abstract

Some of the best training in web site Quality comes only with experience. This presentation will share the lessons you won’t find in any book, based on 35 years experience (in Internet Time) testing the full spectrum Internet, intranet and extranet websites.

The focus of this paper will be on practical lessons and tips and tricks, but we'll also discuss how to apply traditional Quality practices on Internet projects.

After attending this presentation, you will approach Internet projects with confidence, knowing that you will be using familiar tools and skills, and simply applying them to a new medium.

About the Author

Ted Fuller is a veteran of Quality Assurance in interactive media with AGENCY.COM. He has five years experience testing web sites, retail and tradeshow demos and kiosks, and computer based training.

Past experience has served him well in QA. He honed his communication skills as a technical writer, writing documentation and help files for products ranging from software, personal computers, and hydroelectric generation system modeling systems, to web site content management systems, client-server applications and database configuration tools. Internet deadlines don't faze him, after five years fighting forest fires in California and Oregon.