QW2000 Paper 2W2

Mr. Steven Porter
(API / Independent)

From Web Site to Web App: Ensuring Quality in a Complex Environment


Key Points

Presentation Abstract

The continued success of web development teams will depend heavily on the ability to make the transition from deliverying web sites to delivering reliable, stable web applications.

We must develop a cost-effective strategy for quality assurance and testing through this transition and beyond. The foundation of this strategy must rest on a thorough understanding of the nature and dynamics of applications within a web environment. The key to success is separating the volatile aspects of the application and the web from the non-volatile ones, and focusing on the quality assurance efforts accordingly.

About the Author

Steven Porter hs been a certified instructor for Rational Team Test since 1996. He has written a one-day Quality Assurance class that he teaches as part of the Object Oriented Project Management Certification Series developed by the Advanced Programming Institute of El Dorado Hills, CA.

He has also provided content for the Process Management course of the same series, and has developed the CD that is used with the course. In 1998 he was the QA Manager for a year-long Y2K object-oriented project for CalPERs that involved over 40 reengineered applications.