QW2K Paper 3A1

Mr. David Carman
(Telcordia Technologies)

Measuring Test Effectiveness:
The Use and Misuse of Test Coverage


Key Points

Presentation Abstract

Quality assurance is a never ending journey to insure that the each and every customer will be delighted with a usable and reliable product. In-process metrics are an important element of quality assurance and they provide a cornerstone of a defined and managed software development process.

There are many compelling reasons for measuring not only the quality of software products, but also the quality improvement impact of each phase of the development process. This talk will address practical test coverage methods for measuring the effectiveness of your quality assurance process. Experiences from five different case studies will be shared.

About the Author

David W. Carman is the Principal Automation Architect for Software Quality Assurance within Telcordia Technologies. Mr. Carman has ten years of quality assurance experience in telecommunications network and operations support systems testing. He has presented and authored papers at international conferences including Software Quality Week, STAR, EuroSTAR and ISSRE. He has applied theories to practice in the areas of automatic test case generation, measuring test effectiveness and software reliability engineering.