QW2000 Paper 3A2

Ms. Linda Hayes

Table Driven Testing: Making Automation Accessible


Presentation Abstract

This presentation will explain how to use advanced scripting techniques including modularity, reusability, encapsulation, indirection and data-driven design to make automation easily accessible to domain experts with a minimum of training and technical expertise. The ultimate goal is to make test automation available, persistent and consistent across the organization, over time and change.

About the Author

Linda G. Hayes BBA, CPA, MS, JD

Linda holds degrees in accounting, tax and law, is a CPA and member of the Texas State Bar. She is the founder of three software companies including AutoTester, where she pioneered automated test tools for the PC. Her new company, WorkSoft, offers the next generation of enterprise-level test automation.

A frequent industry speaker and award-winning author, she publishes the monthly Quality Quest column for Datamation, wrote the Automated Testing Handbook and co-edited Dare to be Excellent with Alka Jarvis on best practices in the software industry. Her article "Quality is Everyone's Business" won the Most Significant Contribution award from the Quality Assurance Institute and was published as part of the Auerbach Systems Development Handbook.