QW2000 Keynote 5P2

Mr. Rainer Pirker
(IBM / Austria)

The Need for Quality -- e-business Performance Testing


Key Points

Presentation Abstract

Customers expect the best in e-business. This includes, above all, the first contact they make with your organization. The first impression is key, the user interface, the performance, the right response, right away. Get ready for interfacing with your customers at first click or call - only one chance to attract the customer with good usability, fast and reliable response. One click, one chance, period.

The time and quality of response and the perceived performance to customers is essential in e-business. With e-business solutions you win with an innovate and high quality solution but you loose immediately customer confidence if your system breaks down with complex user interfaces, or long response times - so customers will cancel their transactions which drag the performance of your e-business solution further down. Your customer care center gets flooded with angry customer calls or e-mails.

We'll help you to get the best out of your system - for your customers' benefits. We show you the critical success factors and the measurements which allow to decide what good quality means for e-business testing. Learn about independent test teams working in different locations, with the help of leading edge tools. We also take a look at security issues in e-business testing.

About the Author

Rainer Pirker is a consultant with IBM Application Development Effectiveness Practice. He specializes in test concepts and strategies to improve software quality. He has more than 10 years of experience in information system and application development, and has in-depth knowledge of banking, insurance and public institutions in the fields of executing, developing and improving tests.