QW2000 Paper 6T2

Ms. Elisabeth Hendrickson
(Aveo Inc.)

Quality in an Application Service Provider (ASP) Environment


Key Points

Presentation Abstract

In the last year, the term "ASP," or "Application Service Provider," has hit buzzword status. A variety of companies have announced that they are now Application Service Providers—meaning that instead of selling software, they sell access to servers running that software.

The challenges inherent in developing software in an ASP environment are different from developing software for sale:

This talk focuses on software quality in an ASP environment, how the quality factors for software in an ASP environment differ from software quality at a more traditional software vendor, and how to achieve that quality.

About the Author

Elisabeth Hendrickson is the Director of Quality Engineering at Aveo Inc., an Application Service Provider. Aveo Inc. offers Attune, a pre-emptive technical support service whose mission is to help companies communicate the right information to the right customer at the right time. Prior to joining Aveo, Elisabeth was the founder of Quality Tree Consulting, a software quality assurance consulting firm. As a consultant, Elisabeth provided services to Application Service Providers as well as more traditional independent software vendors.