QW2000 Paper 7A2

Mr. Scott Trappe
(Reasoning Inc.)

Find the Defects that Traditional Testing Misses with Automated Software Inspection Services


Key Points

Presentation Abstract

Producing high quality software for increasingly complex applications is a constant challenge. Due to the constraints placed on osftware development schedules and budgets, traditional testing techniques have limited ability to catch all critical defects prior to software release. Automated Software Inspection Services are a new and largely untapped method of finding defect soften missed by tranditional testing. This session explores the potential of these methods a s a cost-effective and automated means of improving quality without taxing in-house resources.

About the Author

Scott Trappe is a senior VP of Operations for Reasoning, Inc. He is considered an expert in Automated Source Code Analysis methods, having contributed numerous articles on the subject to software development publications as well as having hosted presentations at industry related events. Previously he worked at Intrinsa, where he held the dual role of VP of Engineering and Marketing. Mr. Trappe has also worked at Netopia; Telekom in Malaysia; Operations Control System; and Tektronix. He holds an MBA from the University of Californig, Berkeley and a B.S. from the University of Arizona.