QW2000 Paper 7M1

Mr. Patrick Copeland

Redesigning a Testing Organization for Delivery to the Web


Key Points

Presentation Abstract

Gone are the days when developers are willing to wait six months to glimpse new features. E-businesses need solutions to data access problems yesterday. They want to hear about whatĂs coming down the pike, they want to see why itĂs valuable to them, and they want to know how theyĂll be able to use it. 

WebData was structured to accommodate the typical release model: spec, design, code, test, beta, release. As a component group, we had several major commitments to battleship projects, including Office, SQL, and Windowsź 2000. We were moderately insolated from our customers and structured to deliver at what we would now consider the leisurely pace of every 3ű4 months. When we initially asked our sub-teams about moving to the faster WebRelease strategy, we heard screams of agony, ˘How do you expect us to ship more frequently? WeĂre already breaking our necks!÷ We realized that our approach to change would need to be organic, credible, and revolutionary.

About the Author

Patrick Copeland manages WebData's Quality Assurance Team for the SQL Programming Model at Microsoft Corporation. His team develops the testing process and strategy for Microsoft's newest and most flexible database components, such as XML. Throughout the product cycle, he's responsible for maintaining and shipping high quality builds for dozens of configurations, multiple languages, and numerous client-server combinations. As an undergraduate he attended the University of Arizona, and he received an MS from the University of Southern California. See what we're doing: http://msdn.microsoft.com/downloads/webtechnology/xml/msxml.asp