QW2000 Paper 7T1

Dr. Andreas Spillner & Dr. Ulrich Breymann
(Hochschule Bremen)

Semantic Differences Between C++ and Java: Consequences for the Review and Test Process


Key Points


More and more projects use Java as an object-oriented implementation language. Often there is already knowledge of C++ and because of the syntactical similarity of the programming languages migration seems to be simple. Sometimes this is not the case due to important conceptual differences between C++ and Java. Selected problems show the implications for program analysis, understanding and testing. Early detection of problems is desirable, so the paper provides a checklist for the test managers.

Author Bio...

Dr. Spillner is currently working as Professor at the Hochschule Bremen (University of Applied Sciences) where he is responsible for software engineering and real time systems. Dr. Spillner has over 20 years experience in software development and teaching. He has been involved with development projects for government and also research projects in collaboration with industry. He has a degree in computer science from the Technical University of Berlin and received his PhD on the dynamic integration testing of modular systems from the University of Bremen in 1990. He has also worked as Research Assistant and as Associate Professor at the University of Bremen.

Dr. Spillner is currently the chairman of the German Computer Society Special Interest Group for the Testing, Analysis and Verification of Software Systems. (GI-TAV). His research interests include the validation of software, test methods (especially for large software systems) and the testing of object-oriented software systems.

Dr. Breymann is currently with Hochschule Bremen (University of Applied Sciences) as a professor with the special focus on software engineering and object orientation. Before that he worked several years in industry as analyst and project leader, among others on the subjects process control systems for power plants and software for the international space station project. He was a member of the German working group for the standardization of the programming language C++.