QW2000 Paper 7T2

Mr. Thomas Kern
(Segue Software, Inc.)

Functional Testing of CORBA Based Systems in Java


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Presentation Abstract

Three-tier applications are becoming the norm in the development world. The components in the middle-tier, often refered to as business objects, are frequently based on standard middleware such as CORBA or EJB. This paper discusses testing the middle-tier or business objects in a distributed application. There are two kinds of testing that can be done on business objects, structural and functional. Structural testing is internal testing of a single component. Functional testing is unit testing of one or more components. By the time a distributed, multi-tier application gets to the QA group, it is often no longer possible to do structural testing. However, with the rise of standard middleware, the testing of business objects can be done through the exposed business object interfaces. SilkPilot is a Java application which can do functional testing of the business objects in a distributed application. With support for testing both CORBA and EJB servers, SilkPilot can reduce your time to market by greatly accelerating your testing cycles.

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About the Author

Thomas KERN has 12 years of experience in systems programming and application development for UNIX and NT. Before joining Segue Software, he worked as a project engineer for Nixdorf Computer AG and for C-LAB, a joined R&D institute of Siemens Nixdorf Informationssysteme AG and University-GH Paderborn, Germany. He co-authored a book about programming the X Window System and Motif. Thomas can be reached by email at tkern@segue.com.