QW2000 Paper 7W1

Ms. Jeanette Folkes & Mr. Bert Lamar
(Ogilvy Interactive)

The Challenges of Web Testing


Key Points

Presentation Abstract

The recent proliferation of interactive web site development in virtually every industry has created challenges for Quality Assurance Test departments. These challenges demand innovative solutions. This presentation will focus on those challenges and hopefully offer some insight for those new to web testing.

This will be a joint presentation discussing the challenges of web testing from a management and a production standpoint. Ms. Jeanette Folkes and Mr. Bert Lamar have worked together for three years - a year and a half on client server applications and most recently testing for the web.

Ms. Folkes will address the challenges of web testing from the management perspective. She will outline solutions for developing a company wide test methodology, recruiting and training a skilled test team, and scheduling adequate time for testing. She will discuss which areas have been the most and the least receptive to integrating quality assurance.

Mr. Lamar will address the challenges of testing Interactive web sites from a production standpoint. He will offer solutions for rapid test planning and test case execution, and will explore the limitations of automated testing in an interactive environment.

About the Authors

Jeanette Folkes - Jeanette is the Quality Assurance Manager at OgilvyInteractive, a division of OgilvyOne, a major advertising firm. Her experience has stemmed from supporting and managing a helpdesk, writing documentation, providing user training and managing a training group. She has studied to become a webmaster, has worked as a tester for 4 years and has been responsible for managing QA departments for the last three years. Her recent accomplishments have been to define and establish the Quality Assurance departments at Cushman & Wakefield for Citibank, at Grey Advertising for Grey Direct and currently at Ogilvy & Mather for Ogilvy Interactive. Jeanette is recently married and lives in New York.

Bert Lamar - Bert is the Lead Quality Assurance Tester at OgilvyInteractive, a division of OgilvyOne. Bert got his start in Quality Assurance at the Vanguard Group of Investors, where he completed a six-month QA internship before accepting a full-time position testing financial transaction processing applications. In addition to six years of Quality Assurance test experience, Bert is a documentation specialist and trainer, and has developed training programs and materials for the Vanguard Group, Cushman & Wakefield, Citibank and Chase Manhattan. Bert also serves on the board of directors of the Girls' Vacation Fund, a non-profit organization that owns and operates Camp Oh-Neh-Tah, a summer camp for low-income girls from New York City and upstate New York. Bert is married and lives in New Jersey.