QW2000 Paper 8A1

Dr. John Musa

A Good Idea! But How Do We Get People To Use It?


Key Points

Presentation Abstract

The acceleration of innovation in software development and testing to internet time means that every software professional will be more and more frequently faced with the need to introduce and deploy new technology. This talk will examine how to go about it. It will cover the stages of new technology deployment, the approaches that work and don't work, the pros and cons of various methods for actually transferring technology, and how to handle some of the problems one commonly encounters. It will bring out specific examples from the speaker's extensive experience as a technology transfer manager and as a teacher and consultant.

About the Author

John D. Musa is an independent consultant. He was formerly Technical Manager of Software Reliability Engineering (SRE) at AT&T Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill, NJ. He has varied and extensive experience as a software developer and software development manager.

John Musa is one of the creators of the field of software reliability engineering (SRE). He is widely recognized as the leader in its practical application. He has been involved for some 25 years in deploying the practice, first within AT&T and afterwards worldwide through his consulting work. His new book "Software Reliability Engineering: More Reliable Software, Faster Development and Testing" (McGraw-Hill) was written to help disseminate SRE.

The IEEE elected him Fellow in 1986 for his many seminal contributions. He was recognized in 1992 as the person who had contributed the most to testing technology. His leadership has been noted by every recent edition of Who's Who in America and American Men and Women of Science. He is an experienced international speaker and teacher (over 200 major presentations) with consistently outstanding feedback.

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