QW2000 Paper 8M1

Mr. D.J. Law
(QWest Communications)

Certification Programs for Software Quality and Test Professionals


Presentation Abstract

For the serious software quality and test practitioner, a quality or test professional certification enhances one's career, realizes professional development goals, gains recognition for performance excellence, and distinguishes yourself from your peers in today's competitive marketplace. In this presentation, you will learn why it is important to become certified, the benefits of certification, what you will need to qualify, how the certification process works, how to pass the examinations, and how to keep your certification.

There will be a detail analysis of six certification programs for the software quality and test professional, from two different quality certifying bodies and one test product vendor, and the prescribed common body of knowledge for all six certification programs will be examined.

In addition, there will be a discussion of exam taking techniques, sample test questions, resources for further study, and how to market your certification.

About the Author

Mr. Law is an independent consultant at Qwest Communications where he specializes as a web-based test engineer. He has 16 years of software testing experience in managing test teams, designing test cases, developing test scripts, and establishing automated test infrastructures for test organizations.

His prior clients have included IBM, Lockheed Martin, Fannie Mae, Oracle, EDS, Boeing, Mobil, and The Executive Office of the President. Mr. Law is a member of the American Society for Quality and is an ASQ Certified Software Quality Engineer.