QW2000 Panel 8P
Thursday, 1 June 2000
5:00 - 6:30?

Mr. Nick Borelli
(Microsoft Corporation)

Ask The Quality Experts!

Stump the Quality Experts If You Can!
QW2000 Advisory Board Members Will Answer All!

The Experts!

Tom Drake

John Musa

Lee Osterweil

Robert Binder

Post Your Questions LIVE on the Web!
(Live question collection and voting
provided by Microsoft Corporation)


How The Ask The Quality Experts Panel Works

This special QW2000 panel session works interactively with you to get your key questions answered! If you have a burning question about any aspect of Software or Internet Quality, click on the Ask The Quality Experts! page.

You'll see the current set of questions posed to the Panel Of Experts, rank ordered based on the number of votes each question has received.

Are The Questions Moderated?

Yes, the questions posted are moderated. From time to time the Ask The Quality Experts! Panel Moderator, Nick Borelli, will review the current set of questions. He'll remove off-topic questions, consolidate obvious duplicates, and make other necessary corrections. If there are high-scoring questions that seem to be outside the range of the experts currently on the panel we will add more experts to the panel.

About The Panelists

The panelists are chosen from among the International Quality Week Advisory Board. You can see who the panelists are on the current Ask The Quality Experts! page.

How Often Can I Vote?

You can vote as often as you like, but, please we ask that you only vote for your favorite question(s). P.S. QW2000 will have Web workstations available where you can vote on-site.

How Will I Get Answers to My Question?

Yes. During this special session the Advisory Board Experts will answer the top ranking questions -- using the data from the web as of Noon on Thursday 1 June 2000. QW2000 will have Web workstations available where you can vote on-site before then.

Brief summaries of the answers will be posted on the Web shortly after the conference is over.

About the Moderator

Nick Borelli is currently a Group Test Manager at Microsoft Corporation and is responsible for the World-Wide releases of the award-winning application, Microsoft Word.

Nick has over 15 years experience in both Software Testing and Development and has worked in both small start-ups such as Pensoft, Go and EO, as well as working at Triad Systems, Apple and Software Publishing Corporation.