QW2000 Paper 8W2

Mr. Steven Watson
(CNET Inc.)

Quality Assurance Challenges in the Internet Industry


Key Points

Presentation Abstract

As we begin the new century, it is quite apparent that the QA professional will continue to be faced with many challenges. One area of technology in particular, the internet, has proven to be and will continue to be the one of the most challenging. This talk will focus on the challenges I have encountered, during the implementation of QA processes at both an early stage internet start-up and a later stage internet start-up company. Examined in more detail, I will identify some of the key issues a QA professional will be faced with and why the challenges are amplified when compared to more traditional software development industries. Training, defect tracking, management support, high turnover, experience, documentation control, release management, project management and statistics are just some of the subjects to be discussed. Drawing upon my experience with two successful internet companies and ten years of experience in the medical device industry, methods to overcome these somewhat unique challenges will be presented. What worked, what didn't work.

About the Author

Steven Watson has 15 years experience in Quality Assurance/Test Engineering. He began his career as a test engineer with Underwriters' Laboratories, spent 10 years in QA within the medical device industry, and the last 2-1/2 years developing and managing Quality Assurance departments for two leading internet companies. Preview Travel and CNET. Steve has a B.S.E.E. from the University of the Pacific.