QW2000 Paper 9A2

Mr. Jerrold Landau 
(IBM Canada) 

An Overview of Testing Methodology and Experience at IBM Corepoint Banking Solutions 


Key Points

Presentation Abstract

Corepoint solutions are a set of web-based components and reference applications designed primarily for the banking industry. Currently, there are four applications available:  Internet Banking, Contact Center Management, Teller, and Branch Sales. These products, produced by the IBM Toronto Lab, are written in Java, and run on an AIX or NT server and an NT client. This presentation will provide an overview of the testing strategies and methodologies used by IBM to test these products, discuss our experience with automation, and outline the problems and challenges that are encountered in our testing effort.

At this point, the components are bound together in the four different reference applications, and are intended to be customized by an engagement team prior to being installed at a real customer site. We anticipate moving toward a paradigm of more generalized components in the future, which will defocus further from the end-user banking application. Of course, this will present a new set of challenges for the testing group.

Topics covered in this presentation include:

  • The makeup of our testing department
  • The system test process that we use, with examples of testplans and testcases
  • A discussion of incident reporting and tracking
  • A brief overview of Performance testing
  • A brief overview of Component testing
  • Our experience with Testcase automation
  • A discussion of the problems, pitfalls and challenges that are encountered during our testing effort
It is not the aim of this presentation to present any new theories and methodologies to approach the testing effort.  Rather, it will show how existing test methodologies are adapted to fit a real life, dynamic, leading edge development environment, replete with the time constraints, plan changes, moving target, and other such challenges that all professional testers are accustomed to.  Anyone who is interested in learning from our experience is welcome to attend this presentation.

About the Author

Jerrold Landau has been an employee of IBM Canada for over 9 years. He spent his first 8 years with the AS/400 Compiler group, being primarily involved in testing and customer support. For the last year and a half, he has been working as part of the testing group with the Corepoint division of the IBM lab.. Prior to joining IBM, Jerrold worked at two smaller companies, Cherniak Gottlieb and Netron, as a software developer-analyst.

Jerrold has a M.A.Sc. in Industrial Engineering from the University of Toronto, 1986, and a B.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Toronto, 1984.

Jerrold has been involved with various aspects of the software development process during his career, and has always maintained a primary interest in testing and quality assurance. He is interested in enhancing the stature of the testing discipline within the software development environment.

Recently, Jerrold was the chairman of a workshop entitled ôPractical Experience with Quality Assurance at the IBM Toronto Labö, presented at the CASCON 1999 conference in Toronto.