QW2000 QuickStart 9Q

Mr. Otto Vinter
(DELTA Danish Electronics, Light & Acoustics)

Experience-Based Approaches to Process Improvement


Key Points

Problem diagnosis

About the Author

Otto Vinter is a project manager specializing in software process improvements with the Danish software engineering consultancy company DELTA. Until recently, he was responsible for software process improvements at Brel & Kjr.

He has been active in defining software engineering standards, procedures, and methods to be employed at Brel & Kjr. He has been the driving force in the company's improvement activities in testing, requirements engineering, development models, and introduction of object-oriented development methods.

He has managed software development projects for 30 years; with Brel & Kjr from 1986, before that with the Danish branch of Control Data Corporation, and with Regnecentralen.

He received his Masters Degree in Computer Science from the Danish Technical University in 1968. He is an associate teacher for BSc. level education in Computer Science, is an active participant in Danish software knowledge exchange groups, is on the programme committee of several international conferences, performs mentoring activities for clients, and is an expert evaluator on the framework programmes of the CEC.