QW2K Tutorial A1

Ms. Johanna Rothman
(Rothman Consulting Group)

Life as a New Test Manager


Key Points

Presentation Abstract

Congratulations! You've just been promoted to test manager. Now what do you do? This tutorial walks you through some of the requirements for succeeding as a test manager: creating a test group and bringing new people into the organization; organizing and managing the testing; working with the project manager and the rest of the project team; deciding how, when, and what to invest in your test infrastructure.

About the Author

Johanna Rothman observes and consults on managing high technology product development. She works with her clients to find the leverage points that will increase their effectiveness as organizations and as managers, helping them ship the right product at the right time, and recruit and retain the best people.

Johanna publishes "Reflections", an acclaimed quarterly newsletter about managing product development. Johanna's handbook, "Hiring Technical People: A Guide to Hiring the Right People for the Job," has proved a boon to perplexed managers, as have her articles in Software Development, Cutter IT, IEEE Computer, Software Testing and Quality Engineering, and IEEE Software.

Johanna is the founder and principal of Rothman Consulting Group, Inc., and is a member of the clinical faculty of The Gordon Institute at Tufts University, a practical management degree program for engineers.