QW2000 Tutorial G2

Chris Loosley & Eric Siegel
(Keynote Systems)

Web Application Performance


Presentation Abstract

How do you deploy reliable, responsive e-commerce applications in the uncontrolled and relatively slow environment of the Internet? (Hint: it's not just a matter of bandwidth). Using many illustrative examples and studies drawn from their experience measuring and improving leading e-commerce sites, the presenters explain the fundamentals of web application performance engineering, from the browser to the database backend.

About the Speakers

Chris Loosley is Senior Internet Consultant with Keynote Systems. He has a technical background in the design and performance of enterprise information systems, and over 25 years experience in the field of software performance engineering. Mr. Loosley is the author of "High-Performance Client/Server" (John Wiley).

Eric Siegel is Senior Internet Consultant with Keynote Systems and wrote "Designing Quality of Service Solutions for the Enterprise (John Wiley). He was the technical leader for all of Tandem Computer's data communications specialists worldwide, and also worked for Network Strategies and MITRE. His B.S. and M.E.E. are from Cornell University.