QW2000 Standby Paper SB4

Dr. Giora Ben-Yaacov
(Synopsys Inc.)

Effective Software Testing at a Leading Electronic Design Automation (EDA) Company


Presentation Abstract

This paper is based on the author experiences with "real world" deployment of software testing processes and methods at a large high-tech software company that produce very complex software products that require rapid innovation changes and time-to-market constraints. The testing techniques and methods presented require true "testing partnerships" among software developers, testing and application engineers, and customers. The paper also covers subjects such as "six steps for developing defect-free code", "goals and processes for effective software testing" and a descripttion of the "software testing life-cycle".

About the Author

Giora's 25 years of experience in software quality improvement programs, software testing, software development management, program management, and customer support include a spectrum of results ranging from that of individual contributor, through project leader, program manager, maintenance & training coordinator, instructor, consultant, and, since August 1998, a quality specialist with Synopsys Inc,. At Synopsys, Giora holds responsibility for leadership and implementation of software quality & business improvements programs, and he is working closely with the various software development and testing communities at Synopsys striving to achieve performance excellence.

Dr Giora Ben-Yaacov is a senior member of IEEE and a member of the American Society for Quality. He has served for 6 years on the editorial board of the IEEE CAP journal, has authored 30 technical papers, and made presentations at various conferences and industry meetings.