26-29 May 1998, San Francisco, California USA


REGISTRATION: Please pay by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), by check, or with your Company Purchase Order. Please handle credit card sales over the phone or by FAX; do not E-Mail credit card information.

The entire Conference Fee is payable prior to the program. Make checks payable to SR Institute, Inc. Registration is accepted up to the time of the conference; on-site registration begins at 7:00 a.m., subject to space availability. No cancellation fee until 24 April 1998; substitutions are permitted at any time. A service charge of $125 after 24 April 1998 applies; contact the QW'98 registrar by Email or FAX to obtain your confirmed cancellation number.

FEES: Registration includes all seminar and conference material, Continental Breakfast, Lunches, Refreshments and invitations to the Cocktail Parties.

Registered & Paid . . . . . . Before 24 April . . . After 24 April Singles Rates
Tutorials $350 $450 No discount
Conference $950 $1050 No discount
COMBINED $1150 $1250 No discount

SAVE: Send your team of software quality and testing specialists and benefit from the reduced group rate. If you register two or more representatives at one time, deduct 10% of the fee for each attendee from the Conference or COMBINED (Conference + Tutorial) prices only.

The following prices include the 10% discount:

Same Team discount, one registration . . . Before 24 April . . . After 24 April Group Rates
Tutorials $350 $450 No discount
Conference $855 $945 10% discount price (included)
COMBINED $1035 $1125 10% discount price (included)

CONFERENCE HOTEL: Quality Week will be held at the luxurious Sheraton Palace Hotel, San Francisco, California. The Sheraton Hotel is located in the very heart of the downtown business district and has welcomed vacationers and business travelers with its famous hospitality. Enjoy the best in facilities, restaurants, clubs, theaters, shops, and points of interest.

USE THIS FORM OR REGISTER ELECTRONICALLY OR BY FAX OR BY MAIL: Please complete this form and mail your check or Purchase Order to Software Research Institute, Inc., 1663 Mission Street, Suite 400, San Francisco, CA 94103 USA.

Credit Card Registration: For credit-card registration by Email, complete the form and click on SUBMIT QW'98 REGISTRATION . Then call or FAX the QW'98 Registrar with your credit card information. Please do not include credit card information in Email.

For credit-card registration by FAX, print out the form, fill out the requested information and FAX the completed form to [+1] (415) 861-9801.

Or request registration information through E-mail: qw@sr-corp.com. Or FAX Your Registration to: +1 (415) 861-9801.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you register for QW'98 electronically and you do NOT hear from us within 3 business days, please send Email to qw@sr-corp.com.



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PLEASE CHECK ONE: Tutorial Day Only 3-day Conference Only 4-day Tutorials and Conference COMBINED Exhibits Only PLEASE CHOOSE TUTORIALS (Choose One AM and One PM): Tuesday AM Tutorials: A: Rosenberg B: Lyu C: Musa D: Deck E: Beizer Tuesday PM Tutorials: F: Hausen G: Kit H: Gilb I: Binder J: Pol YOUR PRIMARY JOB FUNCTION (Choose Best One): Tester Test Manager Developer Developer Manager Test Technologist QA User INTEREST AREAS (Choose All That Apply): Automation Client/Server Process Year-2000 QA Requirements Web Testing Theory Metrics


Check Enclosed Credit Card: Visa MasterCard American Express Name on Card: Card Number: Expiration: (You do not have to include your credit card information here. If you prefer we will contact you by FAX to complete the credit card transaction. Please be sure to include your FAX number above if you prefer this option.) Approved Purchase Order (PO Number: ) QW'98 Primary Speaker Registration Special QW'98 pricing using this CID:

Conference Attire: Business Casual

Use this form to register electronically. If you have any difficulty with the electronic registration, or if you prefer not to use the electronic registration, simply print out the form, complete it, and FAX it to the Quality Week Registrar. If you prefer send Email direct to qw@sr-corp.com.

If you are registering using a pre-approved Company Purchase Order (P.O.) be sure FAX a copy of the P.O. along with your registration to the QW'98 Registrar at [+1] (415) 861-9801. For multiple registrations, please FAX copies of the form, one for each attendee, to the Quality Week Registrar. Or, contact SR/Institute to have hardcopy versions FAXed to you.