Quality Week Conferences

San Francisco Bay Area, USA
(Late May)

Brussels, Belgium, EU
(Early November)

Mission Statement

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The mission of the QW/QWE conference series is to bring advanced technology R&D work relating to software quality and testing, contemporary software quality and testing needs, and knowledge and experience from the software quality industry together in a balanced technical forum.

QW/QWE conferences are operated by SR/Institute, SR's educational subsidiary. SR's policy is to maintain strict and clear separation of its commercial product sales and consulting/services activities from the QW/QWE events run by its subsidiary. However, SR does plan to participate in the tools exposition part of each conference.

Distinguishing features of the QW/QWE conferences compared with other conferences and workshops include the following:

SR/Institute invites comments and questions. Send all queries to qw@sr-corp.com.