24-28 May 1999, San Jose, California USA


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Here is an album of photos taken at QW'99. Photos are organized in sequence by day of conference.

Feel free to download copies and/or to print them out.

 MONDAY, 24 May 1999 -- AM
Mon-AM-01 Mon-AM-02 Mon-AM-03 Mon-AM-04 Mon-AM-05
Mon-AM-06 Mon-AM-07 Mon-AM-08 Mon-AM-09  

 MONDAY, 24 May 1999 -- PM
Mon-PM-01 Mon-PM-02 Mon-PM-03 Mon-PM-04 Mon-PM-05
Mon-PM-06 Mon-PM-07 Mon-PM-08 Mon-PM-09 Mon-PM-10
Mon-PM-11 Mon-PM-12 Mon-PM-13 Mon-PM-14 Mon-PM-15
Mon-PM-16 Mon-PM-17 Mon-PM-18 Mon-PM-19 Mon-PM-20
Mon-PM-21 Mon-PM-22 Mon-PM-23 Mon-PM-24 Mon-PM-25
Mon-PM-26 Mon-PM-27 Mon-PM-28 Mon-PM-29 Mon-PM-30
Mon-PM-31 Mon-PM-32 Mon-PM-33 Mon-PM-34 Mon-PM-35
Mon-PM-36 Mon-PM-37 Mon-PM-38 Mon-PM-39 Mon-PM-40
Mon-PM-41 Mon-PM-42 Mon-PM-43 Mon-PM-44 Mon-PM-45
Mon-PM-46 Mon-PM-47 Mon-PM-48 Mon-PM-49 Mon-PM-50
Mon-PM-51 Mon-PM-52 Mon-PM-53    

 TUESDAY, 25 May 1999 -- AM
Tue-AM-01 Tue-AM-02 Tue-AM-03 Tue-AM-04 Tue-AM-05
Tue-AM-06 Tue-AM-07 Tue-AM-08 Tue-AM-09 Tue-AM-10
Tue-AM-11 Tue-AM-12 Tue-AM-13 Tue-AM-14 Tue-AM-15
Tue-AM-16 Tue-AM-17 Tue-AM-18 Tue-AM-19 Tue-AM-20
Tue-AM-21 Tue-AM-22 Tue-AM-23 Tue-AM-24 Tue-AM-25
Tue-AM-26 Tue-AM-27 Tue-AM-28 Tue-AM-29 Tue-AM-30
Tue-AM-31 Tue-AM-32 Tue-AM-33 Tue-AM-34 Tue-AM-35
Tue-AM-36 Tue-AM-37 Tue-AM-38 Tue-AM-39 Tue-AM-40
Tue-AM-41 Tue-AM-42 Tue-AM-43 Tue-AM-44 Tue-AM-45
Tue-AM-46 Tue-AM-47 Tue-AM-48 Tue-AM-49 Tue-AM-50
Tue-AM-51 Tue-AM-52 Tue-AM-53 Tue-AM-54 Tue-AM-55
Tue-AM-56 Tue-AM-57 Tue-AM-58 Tue-AM-59 Tue-AM-60
Tue-AM-61 Tue-AM-62 Tue-AM-63 Tue-AM-64 Tue-AM-65
Tue-AM-66 Tue-AM-67 Tue-AM-68 Tue-AM-69 Tue-AM-70
Tue-AM-71 Tue-AM-72 Tue-AM-73 Tue-AM-74 Tue-AM-75

 TUESDAY, 25 May 1999 -- PM
Tue-PM-01 Tue-PM-02 Tue-PM-03 Tue-PM-04 Tue-PM-05

 TUESDAY, 25 May 1999 -- Welcome Reception
Tue-WELCM-01 Tue-WELCM-02 Tue-WELCM-03 Tue-WELCM-04 Tue-WELCM-05
Tue-WELCM-06 Tue-WELCM-07 Tue-WELCM-08 Tue-WELCM-09 Tue-WELCM-10
Tue-WELCM-11 Tue-WELCM-12 Tue-WELCM-13 Tue-WELCM-14 Tue-WELCM-15
Tue-WELCM-16 Tue-WELCM-17      

 WEDNESDAY, 26 May 1999 -- AM
Wed-AM-01 Wed-AM-02 Wed-AM-03 Wed-AM-04 Wed-AM-05
Wed-AM-06 Wed-AM-07 Wed-AM-08 Wed-AM-09 Wed-AM-10
Wed-AM-11 Wed-AM-12 Wed-AM-13 Wed-AM-14 Wed-AM-15
Wed-AM-16 Wed-AM-17 Wed-AM-18 Wed-AM-19 Wed-AM-20
Wed-AM-21 Wed-AM-22 Wed-AM-23 Wed-AM-24 Wed-AM-25
Wed-AM-26 Wed-AM-27      

 WEDNESDAY, 26 May 1999 -- PM
Wed-PM-01 Wed-PM-02 Wed-PM-03 Wed-PM-04 Wed-PM-05
Wed-PM-06 Wed-PM-07 Wed-PM-08 Wed-PM-09 Wed-PM-10
Wed-PM-11 Wed-PM-12 Wed-PM-13 Wed-PM-14 Wed-PM-15
Wed-PM-16 Wed-PM-17 Wed-PM-18 Wed-PM-19 Wed-PM-20
Wed-PM-21 Wed-PM-22 Wed-PM-23 Wed-PM-24 Wed-PM-25
Wed-PM-26 Wed-PM-27 Wed-PM-28 Wed-PM-29 Wed-PM-30
Wed-PM-31 Wed-PM-32 Wed-PM-33 Wed-PM-34 Wed-PM-35
Wed-PM-36 Wed-PM-37 Wed-PM-38 Wed-PM-39 Wed-PM-40
Wed-PM-41 Wed-PM-42 Wed-PM-43 Wed-PM-44 Wed-PM-45
Wed-PM-46 Wed-PM-47 Wed-PM-48 Wed-PM-49 Wed-PM-50
Wed-PM-51 Wed-PM-52 Wed-PM-53 Wed-PM-54 Wed-PM-55
Wed-PM-56 Wed-PM-57 Wed-PM-58    

 WEDNESDAY, 26 May 1999 -- Vendor Reception
Wed-CKTAIL-11 Wed-CKTAIL-12 Wed-CKTAIL-13    

 THURSDAY, 27 May 1999 -- AM
Thu-AM-01 Thu-AM-02 Thu-AM-03 Thu-AM-04 Thu-AM-05
Thu-AM-06 Thu-AM-07 Thu-AM-08 Thu-AM-09 Thu-AM-10
Thu-AM-11 Thu-AM-12 Thu-AM-13 Thu-AM-14 Thu-AM-15
Thu-AM-16 Thu-AM-17 Thu-AM-18 Thu-AM-19 Thu-AM-20
Thu-AM-21 Thu-AM-22 Thu-AM-23 Thu-AM-24 Thu-AM-25
Thu-AM-26 Thu-AM-27 Thu-AM-28 Thu-AM-29 Thu-AM-30

 THURSDAY, 27 May 1999 -- PM
Thu-PM-01 Thu-PM-02 Thu-PM-03 Thu-PM-04 Thu-PM-05

 THURSDAY, 27 May 1999 -- Swing Dance Party
Thu-DANCE-01 Thu-DANCE-02 Thu-DANCE-03 Thu-DANCE-04 Thu-DANCE-05
Thu-DANCE-06 Thu-DANCE-07 Thu-DANCE-08 Thu-DANCE-09 Thu-DANCE-10
Thu-DANCE-11 Thu-DANCE-12 Thu-DANCE-13 Thu-DANCE-14 Thu-DANCE-15
Thu-DANCE-16 Thu-DANCE-17 Thu-DANCE-18 Thu-DANCE-19 Thu-DANCE-20
Thu-DANCE-21 Thu-DANCE-22 Thu-DANCE-23 Thu-DANCE-24 Thu-DANCE-25
Thu-DANCE-26 Thu-DANCE-27 Thu-DANCE-28 Thu-DANCE-29 Thu-DANCE-30
Thu-DANCE-31 Thu-DANCE-32 Thu-DANCE-33 Thu-DANCE-34 Thu-DANCE-35
Thu-DANCE-36 Thu-DANCE-37 Thu-DANCE-38 Thu-DANCE-39 Thu-DANCE-40
Thu-DANCE-41 Thu-DANCE-42 Thu-DANCE-43 Thu-DANCE-44 Thu-DANCE-45
Thu-DANCE-46 Thu-DANCE-47 Thu-DANCE-48 Thu-DANCE-49 Thu-DANCE-50
Thu-DANCE-51 Thu-DANCE-52 Thu-DANCE-53    

 FRIDAY, 29 May 1999 -- AM
Fri-AM-01 Fri-AM-02 Fri-AM-03 Fri-AM-04 Fri-AM-05
Fri-AM-06 Fri-AM-07 Fri-AM-08 Fri-AM-09 Fri-AM-10
Fri-AM-11 Fri-AM-12 Fri-AM-13 Fri-AM-14 Fri-AM-15
Fri-AM-16 Fri-AM-17