QWE2002 Paper 10I

Mr. Simon J. Hardiman
(SQS S.A., Spain)

Multifaceted Internet Application Quality Validation Methodology

Key Points

Presentation Abstract

The SQ-MET Methodology was developed to provide Internet developers and companies with a framework with which they can comprehensively test the quality of their internet applications. The methodology was formulated using a rigourous process of investigation, development and validation. Each stage of the methodology formulation process had to take into account and incorporate the diversity of the Internet world, in terms of the different application types, user types, etc..

Briefly, this presentation will focus on the SQ-MET development methods, the capabilities that the methodology offers those involved in Internet application development, the real advantages that companies and individuals can realise through the use of this methodology, and finally, the conclusions that can be drawn from this experience.

About the Author

Simon Hardiman
Born: 25th November 1971 in London


Classical Civilisation Graduate, Leeds University, England

Professional Experience:

Technology Consultant, working for SQS S.A., Spain
     	-National and International R&D Project 
         Management and Co-ordination
        -National and International R&D Project Development

Analyst / Programmer, working for Lloyds TSB Bank plc., England
        -Analyst and Programmer for the Lloyds and TSB CHAPS 
        Sterling Environments 
        (Critical 'A' Inter-Bank Payment Systems)

Configuration Manager, working for Lloyds TSB Bank plc., England
        -Configuration Manager for 4 Information Systems projects.