QWE2002 Paper 11M

Mr. Ruud Teunissen
(Gitek nv)

The Art of Managing Fixed Price Test Project

Key Points

Presentation Abstract

Fixed price projects have become more and more popular in software development, the demand for fixed price test projects is also increasing. But who is "mad" enough to do it? Controlling a “normal” test process is already a hell of a job, so who would be willing to sign a fixed price testing deal.
I will share our view on the possibilities on fixed price testing, discussing prerequisites, risks, test maturity, special skills required - including steel nerves.
With this paper I will give a satisfactory answer to the different questions that arise and scenario’s that happen during fixed price test projects. We have proven that fixed price test projects are possible and can be beneficial for all parties involved. Managing Fixed Price Test projects is the next step in controlling your test process - it is an art: The art of managing fixed price test projects

About the Author

Since 1989 Ruud Teunissen is employed in the testing world. He has been involved in a large number of ICT projects and has performed several functions within the testing organisation: tester, test specialist, test advisor, test manager, etc. Based on his experience, Ruud participated in the development of the structured testing methodology TMap® and is co-author of several books on structured testing. The last years Ruud is involved in implementing structured testing within organisations on the Belgian and Dutch market. At this moment Ruud has been working in Belgium for Gitek n.v. as Manager Testen and as such responsible for all testing activities at Gitek (over 50 professional testers).

Ruud is frequently speaking at conferences, universities, seminars, workshops etc. (for instance: QWE99, QWE 2000, ICS Test 2000, ICS Test 2001, EuroSTAR 2000, SAI, NOVI, Kluwer Education, IIR).