QWE2002 Paper 12M

Mr. Bernd Eberhardt
(Rational Software)

Survival Guide for Applying a Software Development Process

Key Points

Presentation Abstract

This presentation will examine 10 essential elements of applying a new software development process to an organization and provide guidance on how to customize the process to fit team-specific needs. During this session, we draw upon Rationals 20 years of in-the-trenches experience in which we have harvested and synthesized many critical lessons. We make use of numerous analogies in order to re-enforce the key points of presentation, and to keep the presentation lively and interesting.

About the Author

Mr. Bernd Eberhardt is a Senior Consultant and Master Instructor for Rational Software Corporation. He has five years of professional experience in the area of software Quality Assurance. His expertise is in the area of software QA methodology as well as planning and implementing of QA systems. During his career, Mr. Eberhardt has been involved in numerous projects within the industrial, military and financial sectors. As a seasoned public speaker, he has performed more than 70 trainings (public and on-site) on the subject of testing methodology, test automation and performance test. He is a certified TestStudio Master Instructor/Consultant and a certified PerformanceStudio Master Instructor/Consultant. Mr. Eberhardt has an undergraduate degree in Engineering.