QWE2002 Paper 1M

Mr. Stale Amland & Martin Pol
(Amland Consulting, Polteq IT Services B.V. )

Test Process Improvement -- Theory and Practice

Key Points

Presentation Abstract

The presentation will focus on the theory and the practice of test process improvement. Part one of the presentation will focus on the theory, based on the TPI® model: Part two of the presentation will focus on the case study: The background of the organization will be briefly explained and experiences from the assessment process will be discussed, including interviews and obtainment of management buy in. The outline and the findings in the assessment report will be presented, like the current situation, the short and long term recommendations and the proposed implementation plan. Pros and Cons of the assessment process will be discussed as well. Further, this part of the presentation will focus on the experiences from the implementation of the recommendations. This will include a description of the actual improvement activities and the prioritization, summarizing what did work and what went wrong.

About the Author

Stale Amland was born in 1961. He has a Master of Science from the Norwegian Institute of Technology, 1985, Industrial Economics. He has been employed by software houses and consulting companies and done consulting in a wide range of businesses, including financial industry, telecommunication and transportation. Stale is a frequent presenter at conferences in Europe and USA. He received the "Best Paper Award" at EuroSTAR 1999.

Martin Pol, with more than 25 years of experiences in structured testing is the (co-)author of many publications and books on structured testing in different languages. He is the CEO and a senior consultant for Polteq International Testing Services B.V. and as an advisor connected to the R&D department of IQUIP Informatica B.V.. He was involved in the development of the structured testing approach TMap and the creation of TPI. Also because he's working in the testing practice every day Martin is a highly regarded lecturer and speaker at conferences throughout the world. He twice chaired the EuroSTAR conference and recently he received the European Testing Excellence Award for his contribution to the field of testing. TPI® and TMap® are registered trademarks of IQUIP Informatica B.V.