QWE2002 Paper 1T

Mr. Jamal Said & Mr. Eric Steegmans
(Department of Computer Science, K.U. Leuven)

Validating Quality Requirements of Object Oriented Design

Key Points

Presentation Abstract

There is much about object-oriented design that is subjective- an experience designer 'knows' how to characterize an OO suystem so that it will effectively implements customer requirements. But as an OO design model grows in size and complexity, a more objective view of the characteristics of the design can benefit both the experienced designer (who gains additional insight) and the novice (who obtainsan idication of quality that would otherwise be unavailable. This viewpoint is achieved by considering both the functional and nonfunctional requirements at high level of abstraction.

About the Author

Jamal Said is a Ph.D. student at the university of Leuven- Belgium. He is a memeber of the software development methodology group headed by Prof. Eric Steegmans His research activities includes object oriented software design, and software quality. He has been working on this field for almost two years in this field.