QWE2002 Paper 2A

Dr. Rainer Stetter
(ITQ GmbH & Software Factory GmbH)

Steps to Bring the V- Model Into Real Life: A Case Study

Key Points

Presentation Abstract

The V-Model defines a sound and well-designed engineering process. But real life in industry shows that it is quite hard to bring this model into the daily work flow of organizations. In this presentation I will show which steps have to be taken to install the basic principles of the V-Model. The basis of the presentation is the summary of experiences of a project which already started in 1997 and is still running. The subject of the project is the stepwise development of a complex machine which produces smart cards (id-cards and ec-cards). The software system for this kind of machine includes almost all software technologies which are known today. To bring alphanumerical data into the system you have an interface to an IBM Mainframe. The graphical data (photos and finger prints) are transferred to a windows NT system. The user interface has to handle Arabic and roman letters. All data are stored in an Oracle data base. The communication of the user interface ! with the embedded components runs via TCP/IP. Each of the (mechanical) modules of the machine has its own processor which runs under VxWorks. The low end version of this machine contains about 10 processors which have to be synchronized. The high version consists of about 20 processors.

About the Author

At the Technical University, Munich (Germany) Dr. Rainer Stetter studied mechanical engineering and as he was interested in software engineering he took some classes in computer sciences. While he was doing his PhD in developing a robot simulation system, which he got 1993, he improved his knowledge in software engineering. Form 1993 until 1997 he was working as a Research & Development Manager at Zwick Company, Ulm Germany.

Since 1997 he has been one of the presidents of the Software Factory GmbH, Munich. In addition, since 1998 he has been working with the Munich based firm ITQ GmbH as president. Together, Software Factory GmbH and ITQ GmbH form the Software Quality Group. With some partners of the Technical University of Munich and VDMA (German Machinery and Plant Manufacturers Association), they work on approaches to improve the quality especially in the field of embedded systems. Since 1998 Im Vice President of the VDMA Software department.