QWE2002 Paper 2I

Mr. Kim Davis & Mr. Robert Sabourin
(My Virtual Model Inc.)

Practical Experiences in Bug Cluster Management

Key Points

Presentation Abstract

E-commerce development demands fast, incrementally useful, results. We propose to simplify the bug flow process by going after bug clusters, instead of individual bugs which are usually hiding one another. These clusters come from areas of uncertainties associated with missing, incomplete or rapidly changing requirements or specifications. The clusters are composed of the bugs that have natural affinities of causes.

We first identify these clusters, and track them. We help perform fast probabilistic root-cause analysis on clusters to assist in determining probable causes. We finally prioritize the clusters extermination and iterate throughout the project.

This method aims to achieve faster convergence in short timeframes. Real examples applying to e-commerce applications will be used.

About the Author

Robert Sabourin (rsabourin@amibug.com ) is an author, lecturer, and president of AmiBug.Com, a firm specializing in software management consulting, teaching, and professional development. Robert is the author of the popular children's book I am a Bug (ISBN 0-9685774-0-7) which explains what SQA folks really do at work.

Kim Davis graduated in Physics in 1990, and in Computer Science & Psychology in 1994. As a Research Agent he investigated ways of speeding up the Internet by simulating network-optimisation learning algorithms. In 1997 Kim co-founded a web site design company called Inter@ction Technologies to help companies develop database-driven web sites. As Technical Lead, Director of Integration and Director of Operations of the My Virtual Model Team, Kim has helped develop the technology behind the e-commerce web sites of My Virtual Model inc. The Service he manages, called SET (Software Engineering Team), offers ways to the whole company to improve people / projects / product / processes effectiveness in terms and productivity and quality.